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To evolve volunteer and charity operations by using the power of data and technology to help charitable organisations effectively maximise and measure their impact and communicate it. 

We are putting more charities on the map than ever before, making it easier for you to stand-up for a cause you care about, wherever you are.


To become the leading technology company solving challenges for and empowering the "social good sector" to do more, smartly, with less, while helping them maximise their impact and footprint on the world. 


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Izzy Brown
Izzy founded Yovo after working at JustGiving in London. With 8 years of working in tech and with charities, Izzy brings an understanding of the challenges we are here to solve with best technology out there.
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Mat Rowlands
Mat brings over 20 years of experience to the table. He worked at JustGiving for eight years and re-architected the company into the global fundraising platform it is today.  Mat is also an AI  and ML Spokesperson & 1st start-up-focused solutions architect for AWS


Frustrated by filling out loooong application forms to volunteer, and often waiting weeks to get stuck in with a charity...


Our team is building THE product that we have been looking for as a life-long volunteers. Why wait for weeks to volunteer when you could be up and running on the same day?


At Yovo, we are so passionate about the important work that grassroots and charitable organisations do, and we believe that communities that come together, make for happy ones. 

As we continue to strive to put more charities on the map than ever before, our goal is to mobilise volunteers and charities locally, nationally, and internationally, making connection - instant, help - time-responsive, and increasing the value for charities and saving them (incredibly) precious time. 

With Yovo, you can now find tomorrow's volunteer mission, today.


We are growing the number of charities we can work with, so we will be opening our fundraising round in the near future.

If you work with a charity, in the media or would like to partner with us in some way, you can get in touch directly with our Founder, Izzy Brown here
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